8 Reasons to Style Your Bed

I have to admit I was pretty nervous bringing Euro shams home to our new bedroom recently…and it wasn’t because the price. At $20 apiece, I knew they were a steal since they included both the pillow insert and sham (thank you, HomeGoods). It was more because I was worried about my husband’s reaction to “more useless pillows” i.e. decorative pillows. Can anyone else here relate??

Let’s face it, you might be like me having grown up in a household where it was mandatory to make your bed every day. It was a steady habit until around college/my first apartment where somehow the task went out the window. It just wasn’t fun. Luckily I’ve come a long way since my early 20’s and here are the reasons why I LOVE the idea of styling my bed and why I believe it matters so much:

  1. Making your bed when it’s styled is WAY more fun – And I’m all for making mundane tasks exciting, trust me. Not to mention it can make you feel proud, in control, and more grown up.
  2. It’s easier to make your bed when it’s pre-styled – Real talk, many of us are not morning people. Even after my morning coffee, I’m still not a morning person. So already knowing exactly where each piece of bedding should go takes the effort of thinking out of the equation and makes the simple task simple enough to do even *gasp* without caffeine!
  3. It makes your bedroom look clean – So wait, I could do absolutely nothing besides spend 1-2 minutes styling my bed and the entire space can look cleaner? Sign me up!
  4. It can make a small bedroom feel larger – How does this work, you ask? Just think about it. A cluttered, untidy space gives the appearance that the room isn’t large enough for the items that it holds. Simply removing clutter and visual chaos from view opens things up to feel more spacious and larger. And interior design is nothing if it isn’t about optical illusion, am I right? #tricksofthetrade #retweet
  5. It can improve your sleep – Turning down a well-styled bed creates a ritual that will signal to your brain that it’s time to go to sleep! Couple this with dim mood lighting, and you have yourself a recipe for sleepy success.
  6. It can result in improved financial wealth“Those who do their chores and keep their living spaces tidier tend to make more money”. Surprised? It works by simply getting your mind into productive mode to carry throughout the day.
  7. It can lead to a greater sense of discipline in other facets of our life – Where else in your life could you use more of that to result in better self care? Trust me, you deserve it!
  8. Getting into a well-styled bed feels AHH-maaaazing – It’s a visual and tactile gift to yourself every single night. There’s nothing more wonderful than climbing into cool, comfortable greatness with smooth sheets and balanced bedding. On the flip side, trying to get comfortable amidst a tangled heap of bedding chaos is something I don’t even want to think about right now.

Now that it’s getting pretty chilly here in Maine (in the 40’s overnight!) I’m looking into adding a soft, comfy duvet and throw blanket. I’m excited to get shopping and I’d love to see what you’re working on for your bedroom design. Link to some of your favorites below!


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