Your Elevated Space Day 13 Speaker : Brandon Walsh

Brandon started his TV and Home Theater contracting company, SoCal Installs, in 2006 combining a tech and electronics background with vast construction experience. Over the last 14 years Brandon has built SoCal Installs into a market leader in San Diego and Orange Counties, working over 5,000 residential and commercial clients such as Sharp Health Care, US Marine Corps, US Navy, San Diego Padres, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm and Sony Corporation.

Brandon created a “dream” home theater systems for ABC’s “Modern Family’s Dream Home Theater Giveaway” and helped the hit show NCIS – Los Angeles consulting on how to set up the technology in their “situation room” seen on TV. He works with many professional athletes and other celebrities in their own homes.
Additionally, Brandon has taken his wealth of knowledge in the TV and smart home products and services worldwide with his YouTube channel, where he teaches others how to “b the installer”.

For more information, visit SoCal Installs.