Designing a Photographer’s Home Office

Accomplished LA Photographer Shannan Leigh moved into a new home located in Santa Clarita, California. Along with sharing the home with her new husband, she planned to include a home office to utilize for client meetings. Shannan brought me in to combine function with style all while highlighting her brand to a ‘t’.


One of the first things I did was to allow the 1988 house to speak to me and considered ways to integrate a more current design. I immersed myself into her brand by studying her photography portfolio, website, and social media. I knew it was crucial to present a cohesive look to her clients across the board and I also understood that her brand was a great representation of what makes her feel most comfortable and content.

In addition to presenting a revised furniture layout, I addressed office supply and equipment storage. The room would also double as the couple’s entryway and I included a functional solution in my design presentation. We worked an existing desk into the new design along with meaningful accent pieces from the couple’s wedding day.



However romantic the final design, I made sure to introduce masculine and modern features including black hardware, black frames, and concrete accent pieces


It’s crucial that a design considers every member of the household. We worked with a neutral palette with pops of blue to appeal to both genders.


It’s always amazing to bring digital drawings to life and to see it all finally come together. My clients and I could not be more pleased with the result and they look forward to utilizing the room for years to come.

For a behind the scenes video tour of the Home Office Reveal:

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