Design Tricks to Maximize the Sale Price of Your Home

I know I promised you all this article a few weeks back, and I’m happy to report that it’s finally come to fruition! The truth is, I was waiting on a certain meeting that happened this morning with one of our realtors. I’m happy to report that this year we have succeeded in substantially raising the value of two homes just by doing simple projects throughout. Our other home had a solid offer on the table the first day it hit the market. I’m excited to share changes you can easily make that will both increase the value of your home and maximize the offers coming in when it’s time to sell.

  1. Remove all dated wall coverings. For us, eliminating the wallpaper trim made a world of a difference.
  2. Fill holes with putty and sand them down.
  3. Re-paint the walls using neutral colors. These days, you can’t go wrong with a greige (gray with brown undertones), bright white, or gray. I actually had my 10-year-old white walls repainted the exact same color again prior to selling. It made the entire place feel brand new.
  4. Sand and paint outdated cabinets if necessary. I share more about my chalk painted cabinet adventure here.
  5. Replace old caulking on your tub, countertops, and shower. Here, we even caulked the tops of our kitchen cabinets! What a game-changer!
  6. Replace old shower doors – there’s nothing worse than imagining yourself trying to get clean in a nasty looking shower.
  7. Replace outdated flooring – even vinyl flooring can look 100 times better when it’s a more up-to-date style! I replaced my gray sheet vinyl with a marble-look large vinyl tile from Hallmark Floors. The result was ah-mazing and not only brought the bathrooms up to date, but also made the rooms feel a lot bigger..
  8. Replace old medicine cabinets with decorative mirrors. I’ve secretly always had an issue with medicine cabinets. They kind of gross me out. You never know if your potential buyer is feeling the same, so it’s probably better not to take the chance.
  9. Replace cabinet and door hardware – these days matte black and brass are very much in style.
  10. Switch out sink faucets – this can make a huge difference, especially when replacing a nightmare caulking job. (Yes, we have done it – Oceanside, CA circa 2016).
  11. Change out light fixtures for a style that is up to date and is cohesive with the rest of the home
  12. Replace appliance doors for a fresh look. Over time, white appliances can yellow. This is a much more cost-effective solution than replacing an appliance outright.
  13. Bring in a new countertop if necessary, but avoid mixing up styles/eras. A kitchen with a new countertop amidst outdated cabinetry will still look just as outdated as if it were never installed. It can actually look awkwardly worse!
  14. Keep whatever hard wood flooring you have. Buyers will always prefer the real thing regardless of how wide the planks are. Have it refinished if you think it looks a little tired. After refinishing mine, incoming sub-contractors thought it was a new floor.
  15. Remove “popcorn” texture from ceilings and repaint a clean white hue.
  16. Paint wood paneling white. If you do nothing else, this will dramatically improve the look of your home.
  17. Replace chipped and broken tiles.
  18. Revive stained grout with a grout colorant. If you ask me, it’s the easiest solution for that dreaded dinge.
  19. Remove all extra clutter – seriously, less is more. People want to imagine themselves living in the space, not you. No offense.
  20. Have your home professionally cleaned prior to showings. I recommend purchasing a “move-out clean”. Although more expensive, it’s a lot more thorough and will include inside your closets and appliances. This was a game-changer for me since my tenant had let fish leak all over my stainless steel refrigerator and it sat during construction for about 5 months. Yuck. When the cleaning was finished, it was 100% a brand new fridge.

Once you have your interior in tip-top shape, you definitely won’t want to forget the exterior of your home! After all, it’s a buyer’s first and last impression. Mow your lawn, weed, prune over-grown shrubs, edge trim, and lay fresh mulch where necessary. Patch holes and cracks in your driveway. You may even want to resurface it if you think it needs a little extra love. Take care of your front door by cleaning it up and hitting it with a fresh coat of paint. Add a welcome mat that extends to the outside of your door trim on both sides and add some flowering plants to inject some personality. Finish the look off with new house numbers, sit back and wait for the offers to come rolling in!

Are you in the market to sell your home? I’d love to hear about which of these tips make a difference for you. Leave a comment below and I wish you the best with your move!

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