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If you’ve ever received an email from me, you’ve probably noticed my tag line: “Because everyone deserves for home to be the best retreat of all.” That line has been nestled in my email footer since the start of my company. I was only just introduced to Dear Keaton in mid 2019, but the synergy between our styles was apparent immediately.

Founders Christie Shepard and Chris Hutcheson share a passion for travel, living with intention and great design. Their lifestyle brand channels the relaxed vibe of some of the most beautiful resorts around the world and promotes the concept of “resort living every day”. And I couldn’t be more on board with that mission. We spend so much time in our homes – and rather than spending thousands on a brief escape – we should be investing in the place where we spend our time each and every day.

From my very first purchase with Dear Keaton for the #caminoserbalprojecct, I’ve been hooked. The caliber of artisan-made, globally sourced pieces align perfectly with my commitment to quality on every project. This partnership was honestly a dream come true and I could not be more excited to share a few of my favorite Dear Keaton pieces with all of you!
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From “The name Dear Keaton is reminiscent of the time-honored practice of penning postcards to loved ones while traveling. A nostalgic nod to the past, when travelers shared the sights, sounds and senses of distant locations with those back home with a quick hand written note. A simple “wish you were here” which momentarily transports the reader to another place. Dear Keaton is our personal postcard to you, sharing the latest trends in global home decor and resort wear.

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Dear Keaton believes in supporting global artisanal communities…and so do I. Whenever I’m putting a room together, I strive to include pieces from outside of the US. The reason? It helps to create a unique result that won’t look like your friend’s or your neighbor’s home AND it lends a well-traveled home.
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