How to Select the Perfect Paint Color with Confidence – Part One

Bookmark this post and file it away for the last part of your design project. Why? The number of paint colors available are literally infinite, but furnishings in your preferred style and price range are much more limited. Here are some great tips you can keep in your back pocket for when it’s time to pick out the perfect hue:

  1. Know your undertones – Above all, the look that will result in you being the most at ease is cohesiveness. Will you be pleased if the undertone shows up? Will it coordinate with the adjoining rooms and furnishings? A quick tip to spot the undertone quickly: pick up every shade of the color you’re considering.
  2. Consider the home’s location – i.e. southwest sunlight is more white, while northeast light is more gray. You can affect the lighting from here by adding fixtures and selecting specific bulbs to throw the desired color of light that you want in the space.
  3. Think about reflections from the outdoors – When the windows are open, what is the backdrop? Landscaping? Water? Light reflecting off of a lawn for example will appear more green.
  4. Consider the cardinal direction that your windows face – South-facing windows allow the most winter sunlight in but little direct sun during the summer, especially when properly shaded. North-facing windows admit relatively even, natural light. East- and west-facing windows provide good daylight in the morning and evening, respectively.
  5. Stick with neutrals – and wait on your accent colors. But wait…what is a neutral? It isn’t necessarily just white, beige, or gray. It’s technically a light shade of any color.

Check out Part 2 to be even more of a paint color expert!


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