How to Select the Perfect Paint Color with Confidence – Part Two

The biggest (and often least expensive) way to make an impact on a room is color! Here are more tips on how you can easily select your perfect paint color with confidence:

  1. Use the process of elimination – and avoid second-guessing yourself by discarding as you go. There’s nothing worse than swimming in a sea of paint color confusion as your infant happily munches and slobbers on all of your paint swatch cards. I might know from experience.
  2. Coordinate adjacent rooms – Ex. pair a beige hue with a green undertone next to a blue-gray hue with a green undertone.
  3. View colors together and at the same time of day – This is the best way to be sure there will be a cohesive flow throughout.
  4. Know that looking down at a paint sample is. not. the. color. – And often, paint from a sample jar is often still not the color! Paint or “color” samples can lack the latex binding agent and their bases and colorants are revised on a regular basis. In the end, the paint chip is the ultimate target. Your best bet is to tape it to the wall.
  5. Search your wardrobe – Chances are, it tells a story of colors you naturally prefer, and they are the colors that show you in your best light.

I realize finding the best paint color can be insanely time consuming and stressful. Funny, since it’s only color, right? Hopefully my tips have taken some of the stress away and will make the process more fun!


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