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You might be surprised by this, but the past two fall seasons I’ve been completely obsessed with Fantasy Football. Where are my football fans at? Born and raised in New England, sports have always been a big part of my life. If you’re from there, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve always made it into the top three and last year I actually won the league. As the only female (and by default, the only mom) it was a seriously great moment. This year, having just moved across the country, and already busy with design projects, I had to miss out on participating. Luckily, my other fall obsession happens to be decorating for the season. But since becoming a mom, my free time is seriously limited and online shopping is everything.

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I often wonder what we ever did without Amazon. Does anyone even remember? It’s the most gratifying thing to click a few buttons and have your stuff delivered right to your door in two days. I’m telling you, it’s like magic. My guess is a lot of you also enjoy Amazon as well, so I collected my favorites and put them all together in my Online Amazon Shop so you can bask in the convenience with me.

Online Amazon Shop

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you can probably tell I’m not much of a warm colors kind of girl. I love the soothing nature of blues and greens, the warmth and coziness of brown, and the clean look of bright white. Black has of course always been a classic, so those are the colors I predominantly stick with. I personally love when decor can be used all year long, and sticking with neutrals really lends itself to that.

Fall just exudes coziness. Bringing in soft textiles adds a wonderful layer of comfort and color. Achieve this easily by adding knit throws (arm knit are still my favorite), seasonal pillow covers, and a festive welcome mat. My favorite prints these days are thin stripes and gingham for sure.

The addition of wood, woven, and galvanized metal pieces are also perfect for the season. Add a basket of firewood, or plant some fall foliage to dress up your doorstep.

In the LA Office Project, we’ve really been loving eucalyptus and olive branches. These coupled with lamb’s ear are absolutely perfect for fall. Scatter in some light colored pumpkins, tree branches, pinecones, white hydrangea and fresh fall produce and you’re good to go.

Fall scented candles paired with a cute little match holder are some of my easy decor go-to’s. I also love to look around my house and re-work items such as rain boots, scarves, and woven tote bags (as seen here in the Old Orchard Beach Project).

I hope I’ve helped make it easier for you this year. Let me know which ones are your favorites down below!


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