Have you ever moved to a new home and realized the furnishings you brought with you from your old home don’t quite work in your new space? I know I have…more than once. Space to space you’ll often find that traffic flow, room size, and overall home style differs much of the time from where you came from. This was exactly the challenge that my clients had. The had purchased a beautiful, newly built home in coastal Maine about a year prior. After trying their best to make it work for a bit, they realized they were ready to enlist the help of a designer.

I was excited to take on the challenge because they 1) were incredibly likable and 2) they trusted my vision. Beyond that, it’s always exciting to work on a new build with cathedral ceilings and beautiful big windows. Designers, you know what I’m talking about.

Here are a few snapshots from our initial consultation:

In this case, we decided on which pieces they already owned would be incorporated into the design and which pieces would go. They had a great quality, neutral love seat already (I always suggest selecting big-ticket items in neutral colors so you can easily and affordably change your decor when you’re ready). “Non-negotiables” were the existing recliner and of course, the media sound system. And with those impressive acoustics, really who could blame Mr. Client? We decided on an appropriate budget and timeline, and within 6 weeks the project was complete.

By selecting an alternative layout, bringing in appropriately sized rugs to ground the seating area and entryway, removing dark, heavy furniture and pulling in a few new furnishings and accessories, the open-concept room was completely transformed.

You can find the final Project Reveal here:

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