Your Elevated Space Day 18 Speaker : Rashida Makati Dairywala

Rashida Makati Dairywala, An educator turned entrepreneur has experience in the field of education for more than 10 years teaching young kids from age 3 to 7 years. She has worked as a pre-primary educator in one of the well known schools in India. Rashida firmly believes “One size doesn’t fit all” and that each child is different thus offering education which is child centered, constructivist, experiencial, self guided and relationship driven approach to her students by following the Reggio Emilia Approach.

With her research on Reggio Emilia approach, she thinks that a well designed space can lead to positive outcomes. Thus she has done her case – study on how a space plays an important role in a child’s learning and experimented with space and resources to build her classroom a self learning place keeping milestones in mind.

Rashida has her double graduation in Literature and Education. She is now a co-founder of a digital agency and brings her expertise to bring technology in the field of education by building applications for schools.