Home. Your everyday retreat.

Cozy, inviting, comforting. Your home is the place where loved ones gather to celebrate and create cherished memories, and the place where you seek refuge from the world. It should warmly embrace you, evoke feelings of happiness and love, and authentically reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Imagine your favorite vacation home experience. Did it embody these qualities? When planning a relaxing getaway, you may not hesitate to choose accommodations that are stylishly well designed. But do you give the same consideration to the space that surrounds you every day?

I’m here to tell you that beautiful design isn’t reserved for vacation homes or for the wealthy. Beautiful design is for everyone, and for every home.

Whether your budget is small or large, I can help you create a sense of effortless comfort, function and wellbeing in your home—one that truly reflects you and your lifestyle.

Because everyone deserves for home to be the best retreat of all.

Meet your Designer: My name is Leann, and I believe that your home should be your all-time favorite place. Since receiving my ICEOS Certification in Interior Design and Home Styling, I live to help people truly love their homes. My specialties are in contemporary and transitional design with a focus on light, airy spaces that provide a calming retreat.

Ready to make your house a home? Connect with me today for a consultation to learn more about my services and package options. Whether you’re looking for a full scope of interior design services or simply need a hand in fine-tuning your decorating style, I look forward to helping you create a sense of sanctuary in your home.