In recent weeks, an exciting new partnership at West Eleven Lane the Shop has been underway. Today, we are excited to finally introduce you all to H. Lively Artisan Home! West Eleven Lane and H. Lively have collaborated on full service design projects here in Southern California in recent years. As a female-owned business focused on unique hand-crafted pillow designs printed with eco-friendly ink on a natural linen-cotton blend fabric, this partnership is a perfect fit. Each piece from the collection has been hand drawn, printed, and constructed right here in the US.

What does it take to create these uniquely beautiful pieces? Each pillow cover moves through a careful process from the studio all the way to your home.

H. Lively designs begin by gathering inspiration, developing concepts, sketching patterns and then organizing them into cohesive collections.

Sketches come to life in the next phase. Texture and colors are added. After numerous renditions, designs are perfected and digital files are created.

In the next phase, H. Lively designs are printed on high quality fabric using eco-friendly ink.

Lastly, each yard of fabric is carefully measured, cut, and lovingly sewn together to create a piece of livable art for your home.

When it came to selecting designs for our shop, we called upon the color palette that always inspires us from the Southern California coastline. What you’ll see in the collection are hues that play on the depth of the Pacific Ocean, the warmth of terra cotta rooftops and beach sand, and the cool tones of our ever-popular beach cruiser paths. Each piece has been hand-selected to coordinate perfectly with our modern coastal decor line.

In collaboration with H. Lively Artisan Home, our versatile pillow line works well from a bench in your Entryway, to the sofa in your Living Room, to the bed in your Guest Room. Each piece is custom handmade to order and delivered directly to your door.