This month, we were blessed with the cover and family feature for Calavera Hills Magazine right here in Carlsbad. I wanted to share our story here as many of you reached out asking for a way to access the article. Special thanks to Eileen Carbone for the amazing opportunity and for Louise Donahue for her beautiful photography.

Ross and Leann Parker met in Salem, Massachusetts in 2012 when Leann was first hired by his company. High up in the bleachers of Fenway Park, Ross promised to give Leann a surf lesson if she ever made it out to San Diego. Historically, few trips have been booked faster. After that first date (which, as promised, did indeed include that surf lesson), it took no effort at all to convince Leann to move to the west coast as well. Their son was born in La Jolla in 2016 and they were blessed to be married with him by their side in 2017.

Leann studied Mechanical Engineering and Fitness Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, while Ross graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston. Leann owns an Interior Design Studio here in Carlsbad called West Eleven Lane. She is proud to have served clients in Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, and California. Ross is Senior Director of Central Operations for an energy services company in Beverly, MA. Throughout his career, he’s managed commercial lighting projects across 46 US States, Canada, and Australia. The couple has managed properties and renovations in both Maine and Massachusetts and currently own and manage property in Portland, Maine.

Leann has a strong fitness background and has been spotted in weight rooms from Point Loma to Oceanside. She also very much enjoys long stroller walks around town while she still can.

In fact, you’ve most likely seen her strolling by Tamarack Beach to the tune of her latest motivational podcast. Ross is an avid snowboarder and surfer and loves to travel. Among his favorite surf spots around the world, Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs still top the list. Both Leann and Ross love to continuously grow and learn and as challenging as it can be at times, consistently push each other to expand their horizons.

Myles is 2.5 years old and is basically one of the most good-natured kids you’ll ever meet. He makes friends wherever he goes and always shows extra concern for others when they’re upset. His latest hobbies include anything with wheels, dancing, riding his scooter around the neighborhood, frequenting the playgrounds and beaches of Carlsbad as a ‘grom in training’, and eating massive amounts of food.

The Parkers travel at least twice a year back to the Northeast to visit family, as many are still scattered across Maine and Massachusetts. Ross usually sneaks in an additional active trip or two with his friends, while Leann loves attending industry events from New York to North Carolina. They all recently returned from Las Vegas having attended the largest furnishings market here on the west coast.

Back in August, the Parkers moved to North Beach. They were looking for a renovated home that allowed enough space for both to work from home and for their son to have his own room. With quick access to the 5, the surf, numerous playgrounds, and the Village, North Beach really was a tough location to beat. What they love about Carlsbad the most is that it strikes the perfect balance between a small town, beach community and a big city with a long list of amenities. The school systems are highly rated and the city continues to show a great amount of support for local small business.

When it comes to their neighborhood, they feel very blessed: “It’s never easy to be transplants from out of state – especially when you don’t have much of your own family around. But our neighbors have been AWESOME. Everyone is so respectful, and I cannot say enough about their kids. As old as some of them are, they all treat our son as if he is part of their own family. They are polite and generous and most important of all, exceptionally kind-hearted. We’ve already made so many friends here that no doubt will be part of our lives for a very long time.”

“In having lived in 8 different pockets of San Diego over the past 6.5 years, I would say that Carlsbad stands out as having the most approachable, friendly residents. People are laid back, but at the same time they’re taking on impressive ventures and it all just makes me strive to be better as an individual and as a business owner. I feel so fortunate to be able to put my creative mark on the city and hope to bring more happiness to the residents here through art and design.”